The architectural design workshop is a long-standing creative team with solid experience and an excellent track record. The company’s modus operandi is a comprehensive approach to project implementation. The OOO Grafit team has top quality specialists in urban development, architectural design, construction, engineering systems and construction, transportation and road building, and project management, who see projects through from urban development analysis to project commissioning. Such an approach makes it possible to take into account all project specifics and come up with original and feasible project solutions.

Urban development design is a key line of company operations.

The OOO Grafit Company aims to ensure comprehensive and sustainable development of territories taking into account their unique advantages, cultural and historical feature and economic situation, the fact that is behind the company’s continuous cooperation with regional and local government authorities.

Over the past two years the company has implemented over 30 urban development projects for government clients in different regions.

The OOO Grafit has extensive experience in designing projects for diverse purposes: 

  • Urban development documentation

— Comprehensive territorial development projects

— Territorial planning schemes

— Urban development concepts

— Master plans for urban and rural communities

— Land tenure and development regulations

— Territorial layout projects

— Parcel plans

  • Restoration projects
  • Residential buildings
  • Educational projects
  • Industrial projects
  • Health care projects
  • Storage facilities
  • Shopping centres
  • Office buildings
  • Utility and transport projects 

The creative approach and experience in client project management enable us to find project solutions meeting the most rigorous requirements. An important asset of our design workshop is its experience is managing large-scale projects requiring extensive outsourcing. Under the circumstances it is of paramount importance to coordinate timelines and to dovetail the project solutions of all the design companies involved.



Operational Processes

  1. Collection and systematization of initial information. Analysis of the current territorial situation and identification of industry-specific prerequisites for territorial development. Description of the existing condition and use of the area and identification of prerequisites for territorial development based on the analysis of the existing theme descriptions. 
  2. Drafting of documentation to support project proposals for the chosen option. 
  3. Preparing project design and supporting documentation for coordination and public hearing. Project coordination procedures.

  4. Updating documentation to take account of regulators’ requirements. Finalizing draft project approval resolution.
  5. Satisfying the regulators’ requirements and preparing project documentation for securing final approvals. Issue of presentation materials. 




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